Hi there! I'm Dyllan :}

I'm 26 and currently living in the Seattle area. I picked up photography as a hobby years ago in high school and decided after graduating college, to pursue it with more passion. I like to incorporate movement, bright colors, weird textures and vibrant outfits into my work as often as possible.

When not working on my photography I work for Nordstrom.com in the Designer department, which is why I'm not always able to dedicate as much time as I'd like to my photography work. 

I am very passionate about traveling and experiencing exciting new places. I love to take my big pup, Garm, with me wherever I go. He gets as much enjoyment out of photoshoots as I do. He can't enough of road trips and adventures with my boyfriend and I, even if it's just to the coffee stand for a little treat! 

I've been really lucky and blessed to work with some truly talented people in the fashion photography world. Some of my work has been featured in the following:

Institute Magazine
Coy Online & Print Magazine
Fab You Bliss Wedding Inspiration Blog
Junnnktank Online Magazine
B-Authentique Online Magazine